1999 Sinclair Fraser Island Expedition

Tuesday, 6th to Thursday, 15th July (inclusive)


The Sinclair Fraser Island Expedition was a walk the length, that is from top to bottom.  The total distance was about 160km.  The completion time was 10 days.
The FamilyThe Survivors

 The Ultimate Walk The Ode by Dad describing the walk

 The Proof Images of the Effort Thanks to Ken and the crew at Getaway Tours

Original Plan by Dad



Travel Detail

Projected Route

Gear List


Shopping List


Transport: We will use Pauline's Pajero and use 4WD Taxi's where extra space is needed will drive this and be able to collect fresh food and deliver it to us during the ordeal.

Participation: John Sinclair, John Charles Sinclair, Andrew, Andrés, Keith.

Accommodation: "Talinga" as a base accommodation for Michelle and Pauline.

Logistics: We will each provide our own backpacks and sleeping gear.

(If we are out of contact for 3 days at most we should be OK as long as we stick to the rule, never carry more than 20% of your body weight. I'd suggest even then we try to keep it below 15Kg each. There's some things we need only one of like a. a big camera set b. one little camera c. first aid [do we need anti-venin?] d. cooking gear etc and some things like tents that we only need 1 between two. Do we really need tents and/or sleeping bags? How cold/mossie busy/wet will it be? BTW I am NOT sleeping within earshot of Dad!)

We will need two tents plus one for Michelle when she joins us (which can come from my safari equipment). Let me know if we have these or can we borrow them. I will purchase one if we need it. We will each need to get ourselves to Brisbane and kick in about $500 for the transport on the island and food. It may be a little more.

Navigation: Keith and Pauline will organise a GPS which Go Bush will pay for.   We will then update Dad's and Bill Lambourne maps with more accurate descriptions of old trails.