Travel Details

Date Time Description
Saturday 3/7/99 6:00AM Keith and Andre's leave for Brisbane in Pajero
Saturday 3/7/99 8:00PM Keith and Andre's arrive in Brisbane
Monday 5/7/99 ? Dad flies to Eurong
Monday 5/7/99 8:00AM Keith, Andrew, Michelle, Andres and John head for Eurong in Pajero
Monday 5/7/99 3:00PM Pajero leaves Eurong for Eurong
Monday 5/7/99 5:00PM Everyone should be at Talinga
Tuesday 6/7/99 7:00AM Head for Sandy Cape with TAXI for extra people
Sunday 11/7/99 3:05PM Pauline and Paul fly to Harvey Bay
Monday 12/7/99 11:00AM Pauline and Paul arrive at Talinga using chartered plane from Harvey Bay
Tuesday 13/7/99 5:00PM Walkers should be at Dilli Village and be picked up by Pajero for dinner at Talinga
Thursday 15/7/99 4:00PM Walkers arrive at Hook Point.
John and Andres take barge to mainland where Bernadette meets them and takes them back to Brisbane.
Remainder are picked up by Pajero and taken back to Talinga.
Friday 16/7/99 1:00PM Pajero leaves Eurong for Brisbane with Keith, Pauline, Paul, Michelle, Andrew.
Friday 16/7/99 8:00PM Pajero arrives in Brisbane.
Michelle and Andrew staying with Mum
Keith, Pauline and Paul staying with John and Bern
Saturday 17/7/99   Keith, Pauline, Paul and Andres staying with Mum
Sunday 18/7/99 6:00AM Keith, Pauline, Paul and Andres leave for Sydney
Sunday 18/7/99 8:00PM Keith, Pauline, Paul and Andres arrive in Cherrybrook
Sunday 18/7/99 9:00PM Keith, Pauline and Andres arrive in Tennyson
Sunday 18/7/99 10:00PM Keith and Pauline arrive in Clovelly